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Meet the Artist

Brittney Switala

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here. I am Brittney Switala, the designer and artist. My journey to creating the work you see here was decades in the making. I am amazed at how Jesus weaves stories and people together at just the right time to create something unexpected.

Several things worked together to inspire me to create:


I was on the radio for 20 years as a Christian music radio host. I love Christian music and have chosen to incorporate hymns into my artwork to honor their heritage and impact.

*I am a scrapper from way back, putting together my first scrapbook as a 5th grader in the 80s. Mixed media artwork feels to me an extension of my scrapping background.

*I was exposed to paperbeading through our church's missions work in Africa and my friend Amanda who taught me even if you are in a hospital bed you can still make beauty.

*Development of chronic pain issues led me to acrylic painting. Creating a variety of works using large and small movements has expanded my horizons and helped my health!

I am a Midwestern, pop-drinking woman living in the South with a great husband and two kids and a granddaughter... My adult daughter and family are military and our son is graduating in 2023.

I love raw. Raw people and the same with my creations. I want to see glimpses of words from discarded pages. Recycled beauty.

A bit of paint, a bit of texture... abstract art is freeing.

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